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Scrapping a car with Raw2K

Raw2K are an established car and vehicle auction company of over 10 years and are contracted by the UK’s leading car and vehicle Insurers, Councils, Police and vehicle / car manufacturers to provide a first class vehicle & salvage recovery, scrap car, storage & disposal service. We also perform a local scrap car collection service for the general public of cars / vehicles across the UK and payment on collection of these scrap cars. Our core product is the Online Auction Sale of Cars / VehiclesMotor Salvage, Plant & Machinery and Scrap Cars.

Raw2K have successfully Auctioned over 100,000 vehicles since 2001 on behalf of our major client base including High Street Insurers, Insurance Assessors, Fleet Management Companies and several Police Constabularies and City Councils.

All vehicles and cars to be scrapped are safely recovered via our network of 23 Fully Licensed Vehicle Dismantler Sites who have processed and recycled thousands of end-of-life vehicles inline with ELV Guidelines.

Raw2K Salvage Agents utilise the advised environmental disposal methods/process (As per ELV/ATF Guidelines and legislation) as follows;

  • The battery is removed for safety reasons.
  • The scrap car will be taken to the specialist de-pollution (scrap) machine to be treated.
  • The specialist de-pollution machine is used to drain all hazardous fluids which are situated in the scrap car such as; Fuel / Engine oil & transmission fluid / Brake fluid / Shock absorber fluid / Power assisted steering fluid / Engine coolant / Windscreen washer fluid.
  • The oil filters are removed then drained.
  • The refrigerant is recovered if applicable.
  • Wheels are removed and separated from tyres.
  • Hazardous materials will be removed i.e. switches containing mercury.
  • Any pyrotechnic devices such as seat belt pre-tensioners and air bags are removed or deployed on site.

Once the scrap car has successfully been de-polluted it can then be crushed and made ready for re-cycling. All waste materials from this process are re-used, re-cycled or lawfully disposed of in accordance with Environment Agency requirements and special regulations.

In line with current environmental legislation all 23 Raw2K ATF agents are exceeding the 85% recycling targets, scrap car processing is vital part of recycling.

Raw2k’s Directors hold regular meeting with all our sites to discuss performance and new legislation / procedures and also carry out regular inspections at all our sites both arranged and unarranged in order to ensure that they are fully in order and complying with Raw2k�s requirements. Also their latest Environmental Agency reports are examined.

Raw2K’s operations are focused upon lowering our waste and increasing recycling, therefore providing us with a controlled and reduced sustainability impact wherever possible. A scrap car is much greener than an abandoned car and the owner is paid for scrapping their car.

Raw2K’s fully licensed Sites store all recovered cars / vehicles on an “Impermeable surface” this means a surface or pavement constructed and maintained to a standard sufficient to prevent the transmission of liquids beyond the pavement surface.

The ELV Directive requires the provision of: appropriate storage, including impermeable storage for oil contaminated spare parts some spare parts, e.g. engines, require oil in order to preserve working surfaces. Such parts shall be appropriately segregated and stored in or on containers that are secured such that oil cannot escape from them. Oily parts shall be stored on an area with an impermeable surface and a sealed drainage system.

The ELV Directive requires: removal and separate collection and storage of fuel, motor oil, transmission oil, gearbox oil, hydraulic oil, cooling liquids, antifreeze, brake fluids, air-conditioning system fluids and any other fluid contained in the ELV, unless they are necessary for the re-use of the parts concerned, and appropriate storage tanks for the segregated storage of ELV fluids; fuel, motor oil, gearbox oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, cooling liquids, antifreeze, brake fluids, battery acids, air-conditioning system fluids and any other fluid contained in the ELV.

Airbags, Tyres, Catalysts, Glass and Non Ferrous Metals shall all be removed and disposed of inline with the ELV Directive.