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Sell car for scrap – Frequently Asked Questions

1. I do not have the scrap cars keys – are you still able to collect?

2. My scrap car has been stood and unused for some time and will not start/move?

3. Does my scrap car need to be complete?

4. How & when should I notify the DVLA?

5. Can I claim back my unused scrap car tax?

6. Will you remove bare & stripped scrap car shells?

7. Am I required to do anything before and after collection?

8. Do you collect on evenings & weekends?

9. Do you cover all areas of the UK?

10. Do you issue a (COD) Certificate of destruction?

11. When and how am I able to contact you should I need to?

12. How long before you can collect?

13. Are you a fully licenced end of life vehicle dismantler?

14. Do I need a logbook (V5) in order to scrap my scrap car with you?

15. I would like to retain my cherished registration?


1. I do not have the scrap cars keys – are you still able to collect?
This instance is not a problem just so long as we have satisfactory evidence that the scrap car belongs to you and that we have your permission to gain entry to the scrap car. Our drivers are experienced and equipped to deal with this kind of problem.

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2. My scrap car has been stood and unused for some time and will not start/move?
This instance is not an issue at all, in fact a high percentage of cars / vehicles collected by us have long since been roadworthy, please be assured it makes no difference whether the scrap car has been stood for years, months or weeks – we shall safely uplift it for you and be able to scrap it.

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3. Does my scrap car need to be complete?
In an ideal world yes – but we fully appreciate that small parts may have been removed by you, all that we ask is please tell us the full extent of the scrap car via the extra notes section within our online scrap request instruction form.

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4. How & when should I notify the DVLA?
As soon as we remove your scrap car. Please retain section 9 of the V5, complete and send to the DVLA. Our agent will complete a Certificate of Destruction with the DVLA. Receiving both will speed up the process at the DVLA.

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5. Can I claim back my unused scrap car tax?
The DVLA will refund you any unused, complete months tax automatically once they receive notification that the vehicle as been scrapped.

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6. Will you remove bare & stripped scrap car shells?
Depending on your location it is not always viable for our agents to collect stripped out vehicle shells. Please call us on 03001000277 and we will confirm whether a collection will be possible.

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7. Am I required to do anything before and after collection?
You need to clear all personal contents from your scrap. You must then complete section 9 of the logbook (V5) and send it to the DVLA. Failure to notify them could result in a fine. If you do not have the V5 then you must notify them in writing (Always recorded post).

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8. Do you collect on evenings & weekends?
Our network of agents operate different hours of business. We will try to fit in a collection at a time that suits you. If this is not possible you can delegate someone else to deal with the collection on your behalf.

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9. Do you cover all areas of the UK?
Raw2K operate throughout England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland via our network of 23 fully licensed authorised treatment scrap facility sites. They cover the majority of the UK and we are always looking for more suitably licenced agents to cover the gaps.

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10. Do you issue a (COD) Certificate of destruction?
Yes, this is your receipt that confirms your scrap car will be scrapped in a lawful and environmentally sound manner. We issue them on request once the scrap car has been de-registered. Click here for information on Certificate of Destruction.

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11. When and how am I able to contact you should I need to?
Raw2K Head Office is available 9am to 5.30pm – Monday to Friday and 10am – 4pm on Saturdays on 03001000277. Click here for our full contact details.

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12. How long before you can collect?
Our standard operating timeframe is normally within 72 hours and on many occasions same day.

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13. Are you a fully licenced end of life vehicle dismantler?
Yes fully, all of Raw2 23 nationwide sites are fully licensed by the Enviornmental Agency and associated councils and subsequently possess the following pertinent licenses;

  • Waste Carriers License
  • Waste Management Operators License
  • Goods Operators License
  • Authorised Treatment Facility Site License
  • Scrap Metal Dealers License
  • Hazardous Waste License

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14. Do I need a logbook (V5) in order to scrap my scrap car with you?
We can scrap your car without the logbook (V5) document. However we do require some form of proof of ownership such as a recent tax reminder letter or SORN document.

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15. I would like to retain my cherished registration?
When your application has been approved by the DVLA, you will receive a V778 Retention Document. We advise you not to instruct us untill you receive and submit this document and your cherished registration has been reallocated by the DVLA.

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