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Scrap a car for cash in Clydebank, sell your car for scrapping in Clydebank

We can scrap your car legally in Clydebank, free collection and disposal, scrap a car and get cash today!

Clydebank parishes and villages have been settled for many hundreds of years. As an example, ruins of the Roman Antonine Wall were found on the hill of GoldenHill Park in Duntocher, and stone outcrops carved with druid-like symbols can be found north of the area that is now Faifley. In medieval times Old Kilpatrick was the centre of religious worship for the earldom of Lennox, and for many centuries it was reported to be the birthplace of St. Patrick (Kil-patrick translates to Saint Patrick). Old Kilpatrick once held the title of the Burgh or Regality, and the lands were gifted to Paisley Abbey around the 13th Century.

Clydebank as a town did not truly exist until 1886, when the Thomson brothers moved their shipbuilding yard from Govan to a spare bit of green pasture (at what is now the UIE/Kvaerner yard) and setup the Clyde Bank Shipbuilding Yard. Over time this came to be known as the Clydebank Shipbuilding Yard, and the tenements built around it as The Clydebank Tenements, then finally over time it came to be known simply as Clydebank.

Clydebank became a Police Burgh in 1886, and included the land from Mountblow road east to Yoker Mill road (the east boundary of Clydebank which is still in place) and from the River Clyde north, to the land bordered by what is now the “Singer” railway line. Continued growth of the town between 1886 and 1975 resulted in Radnor (in 1906), Parkhall and Mountblow (in 1925), Whitecrook (in 1937), Faifley (in 1949) and finally Duntocher and Old Kilpatrick (in 1975) becoming part of the Burgh of Clydebank.

How A Car Is Scrapped

We will collect the scrap car from Clydebank or the surrounding area and dispose of it through our nationwide network of 23 fully licensed Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) Sites who will scrap your car in line with End of Life (ELV) Legislation, and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction which we file online with the DVLA. So you can rest assured your car has been scrapped legally.

For a hassle free fast way to scrap your car in Clydebank please complete the fields in the form to the right and we will provide an instant online scrap car price with the choice to accept and arrange scrapping or decline our scrap car offer.

Should you have any queries, then please contact a member of our team on 03001000277 to discuss your scrap car collection and what cash payment you will receive, or alternatively contact us and let us know your scrap a car for cash query.

Raw2K ATF sites utilise the advised environmental disposal methods/process as per ELV/ATF Guidelines and legislation.

Raw2Ks operations are focused upon lowering our waste and increasing recycling, therefore providing us with a controlled and reduced sustainability impact wherever possible. A scrap car is much greener than an abandoned car and the owner is paid cash for scrapping their car.

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 Important Information

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